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As mentioned before, it'd be nice to have a short text profile to go along with the picture and other information. It'd be great to do it for all profiles, but an easy way to start is with the people who are on TV - those who are in AAA and CMLL - because there's usual enough stuff out there to come up with something. (Plus, for those visiting, those are the profiles they might first check.)

The goal is to have something on every one of these profiles. If these profiles were updated at least once a year, that'd be great.

What Needs To Be Done

  1. Triage the profiles - COMPLETE
    • Figure out which ones have information, and how old it is
    • Sort the profiles into sections based on when they were last updated (first half of 2007, second half of 2008, etc)
  2. Implement a template/tracking system to keep track of the updated profiles, so there's no need to triage again
  1. Update the profiles which have no text
  2. Update the profiles which haven't been updated recently

Updated in 2009

(or otherwise current)

done (with template)

Text, out of date

No Text


Need to be sorted