Dr. Nelson

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Dr. Nelson
Dr. Nelson
Name Dr. Nelson
Real name Simon Bechara
Name history Angel Blanco (1959), Dr. Nelson (1959 - retirement)
Family Bassil Battah (cousin)
Maestro(s) Bassil Battah
Birth date, location September 18, 1931 - Siria
Obituary date June 26, 2018
Debut, location 1959, Venezuela
Lost mask to
Signature moves Full Nelson, Bearhug
Titles: European Heavyweight Title, Champion Du Monde


He came to Venezuela in 1952. As a bodybuilder he competed in contests. In 1953 he won a contest however he was not awarded for not being Venezuelan. In 1959 he decides to train in Lucha Libre sport which was beginning in Venezuela. He debuted as Angel Blanco (no relation with Angel Blanco), nevertheless he decided to left the character since he learned that there was someone else under that name in Venezuela. Two months later he adopted the Dr. Nelson persona. The gimmick was the one of a french doctor. In 1977 he protagonized a match with el Santo during one of his tours. Although he is from Siria, represented Venezuela in wrestling matches against recognized names in the World of wrestling. He is regarded as a legend in the Golden Age of Venezuelan Lucha Libre. His Championship record he won three different titles including the Champion Du Monde. His popularity and charisma in Venezuela is compared to the one of El Santo, Blue Demon or Huracan Ramirez.

He made tours in countries such as Mexico, Ecuator,Panamá, Guatemala, European countries and more.


  1. Hob Ala Shate Miami Movie


mask design
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signature move

as Dr. Nelson
as Angel Blanco