Black Shadow Jr. Tournament

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The Black Shadow Jr. Tournmanet (Torneo Despedida de Black Shadow Jr.) was held on November 25, 2018 in Arena Nacionalista to honor the Maestro Black Shadow Jr. in his retirement event. Pequeño Traidor Jr. won the tournament after defeated Fray Diablo I in the final of an eight-man Torneo Cibernetico.



# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Fly Boy Fray Diablo II  
2 Fray Diablo II Skalibur
3 La Maquina Kamik-C  
4 Skalibur
Cole Wright  
5 Cole Wright Fray Diablo I  
6 Fray Diablo I Pequeño Traidor Jr.  
Pequeño Traidor Jr. won the cibernetico