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If you post a message on my talk page do not expect me to post respond on your talk page ,


Added links to move list ,He likes to use the GTS(go 2 sleep) and the Canadian Destroyer so I added those to his signature move list, La darketa does not provide an accurate picture of the move so i added a "SEE ALSO" Canadian Destroyer and Go 2 Sleep Links

You missed it, but I did respond to the commenter before on his talk apge.

We do have profiles of

Anyone who's wrestled in a lucha libre event in Mexico (or elsewhere, as long as it's lucha libre style) can get a profile. In that situation, he added a profile for Beth Phoenix, whom has not been in lucha libre. She may have wrestled in Mexico with the WWE, but we do not count those shows. --thecubsfan 16:48, 30 January 2008 (EST)