Los Metálicos

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Los Metálicos were a stable that wrestled in CMLL from 1991 - 1993. Members of the stable included:

Los Metálicos were heavily courted by Antonio Pena for his AAA in promotion. In particular Pena wanted Oro but eventually he decided to create his own team which were exact copies of Los Metálicos named Las Gemas Del Ring.

Unfortunately after Oro's passing in October 1993, there was no point in continuing with the Metálicos gimmick and it was dropped.

There still a long discussion especially with La Sombra´s rise to popularity as which faction came first Las Gemas Del Ring or Los Metallicos. This comes after some comments made by La Sombra and Las Gemas that they use the gimmick before los metallicos but didnt get their fame until they got in AAA.