Los Megas

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Los Megas were an IWRG based group which started out as the tag team pairing of Mega & Super Mega. The original Megas were Ultimo Gladiador as Mega and the former Principe Calavera as Super Mega. Super Mega I swapped gimmicks with Ultimo Vampiro III and Mega I left to be replaced by Cesar Caballero in Autumn 2000.

Ultra Mega came along to join up with Mega and Super Mega and a regular trio was born in summer 2001. Super Mega then left IWRG for X-LAW and Omega was introduced in his place. That version of trio had lots of success in the IWRG until one by one they began losing their masks. Mega later became Oficial Factor, Omega took on the masks of Arlequin Rojo and Spartan and Ultra Mega became Oficial Fierro.

It must be noted that in Rey del Ring 2009 IWRG introduced a luchador called Megatronic, with the very same gear and the mask of Mega, hinting a reformation of a tag team or a trio inspired by the Megas. However, this new character went nowhere and disappeared after that match.

In 2019, during IWRG FILL shows, Ultra Mega Jr. and Omega Jr. appeared. Aside from a few appearances in FILL shows they haven't still entered main IWRG shows. Also a Mega Jr. has appeared on non-IWRG shows.