Los Diabolicos

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Los Diabolicos have been around since late 80's in Naucalpan. The members are:

Rocky Santana, Romano Garcia and El Gallego were members of the group in 1990. Garcia switched his identity to Mr. Condor upon joining AAA in 1992, then reformed Los Diabolicos in 1994 with Gallego and Angel Mortal. Gallego turned on his partners in 1996, bringing in Bronco and Rocky Santana from the failing UWA to form an original (UWA) version of Los Diabolicos, with Marabunta replacing him in the AAA trio. The two teams feuded for a few months, until Mr. Condor took Gallego's hair.

Gallego was not seen for many years (and likely worked under different identities), but replaced Marabunta in 2001 and resumed his spot in the group. Marabunta may have switched gimmicks or retired. Later, in the middle and late 00s, Gran Apache I often partnered with this group.

Los Diabolicos have also played the characters of Los Hampones & Los Payasos Diabolicos. They have also been RUMORED to be under the masks of Los Insectos and other variation of Los Payasos called Los Payasos Del Horrror. but those rumors have yet to be even half-proven.

Los Diabolicos also are use to help mold young wrestlers that come to AAA and a young wrestler may have to wrestle them for years before he gets a better spot on the card but they are use for their experience and they get into TV with new guys and variations of them as tag with other rudos.


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Apart of the 2017 CMLL Leyendas show