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And another reset button on this. I get in the mood to fix this about once a year, but if I ever was able to finish it out, it'd not be something we'd need to update much.

The very core idea is we need a page that's a gallery of lucha submissions, to better be able to visually identify them without having to flip thru individual pages. We'd like to have the gallery automatically updated, so no one has to remember to sync that gallery every time a move is added.

If we're going to do it for lucha submissions, we might as well do it for all move types. I've got the second half partially worked out[1] - I can harvest the images/names from the pages, they just need those categories added in.

Categories we're using

  • Counters
  • Cradles
  • Dives
  • Flying Moves
  • Illegal Moves
  • Piledrivers
  • Power Moves
  • Strikes
  • Submissions
  • Tag Team Moves

We could use a category in between Power Moves and Flying Moves - where does a DDT or a Stunner fit? - but I'm struggling to come up with the proper name. Snap Moves? Grapple Moves? DDTs?

Besides that, the only thing that must be done, and something anyone can do if they're got some time, is adding these categories to every move page (where they make sense, of course). If that's done, I can get the galleries up and that's done.

There optional bits I've been working on as I go on, and you're welcome to also try (or skip)

  1. Adding descriptions of the moves and who's known for using them for each page
  2. Aligning the picture (or pictures) to a side of the page, so the text is beside the picture and not forced below.
  3. Shrinking the picture, when it's way too large
  4. Combining slight variations of moves into singles pages. If it's the same move only done in a different spot, it really only needs one page. It can be a subsection of the same page.
  5. Fixing some names (dropping US names where they're not actually used, using Title Case where possible)
  6. Removing moves with no lucha connection

Any help on this is great. I'll continue making slow and sporadic progress! --Thecubsfan 01:04, 8 May 2010 (UTC)

  1. if someone has a ready made solution done already, I'd use that sure, but I haven't found any easy to use wiki bot stuff