CMLL Carnaval Incredible Tournament

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On April 21, 2000, CMLL held a one night Carnaval Incredible Trios tournament. It was an eight team tournament, featuring mismatched teams. Each team had either two tecnicos and one rudo, or two rudos and one tecnico. In some cases, this lead to rivals having to be partners, and all teams required people who didn't normally get along to keep it together for three matches.

Teams, with mismatched partners in italics

Negro Casas--------
                   |Negro Casas----
Black Warrior------                |
                                   |Negro Casas----
Atlantis-----------                |               |
                   |Atlantis-------                |
Apolo Dantes-------                                |Mr. Niebla
                                                   |Rey Bucanero
Dr. Wagner Jr.-----                                |Ultimo Guerrero
                   |Dr. Wagner Jr.-                |
Fuerza Guerrera----                |               |
                                   |Mr. Niebla-----
Mr. Niebla---------                |
                   |Mr. Niebla-----
Mascara Ano 2000---