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== Luchas de apuestas record ==
== Luchas de apuestas record ==
{{aline|[[2013|13]]/[[March 10|03/10]]|mask (1)|'''Ángel Negro'''|[[Mortuario]]|Arena Kalaka - [[Ciudad Juarez]], [[Chihuahua]]}}
{{aline|[[2013|13]]/[[March 10|03/10]]|Mask (1)|'''Ángel Negro'''|[[Mortuario]]|[[Arena Kalaka]] - [[Juárez]], [[Chihuahua]]}}
{{aline|[[2014|14]]/[[June 1|06/01]]|hairs|[[Aéreo (Juarez)|Aéreo]] & '''Émulo'''|[[Crazy 33]] & [[Rocky Star]]|Gimnasio Josué Neri Santos - [[Ciudad Juarez]], [[Chihuahua]]}}
{{aline|[[2014|14]]/[[June 1|06/01]]|Hair (2)|'''Émulo'''|[[Crazy 33]]|Gimnasio Josué Neri Santos - [[Juárez]], [[Chihuahua]]}}
{{aend|<b>(1)</b> Five Way Match w/[[Aéreo (Juarez)|Aéreo]], [[Pantera Asesina]], and [[Trimegistro]]}}
{{aend|<b>(1)</b> Five Way Match w/[[Aéreo (Juarez)|Aéreo]], [[Pantera Asesina]], and [[Trimegistro]]; <b>(2)</b> Relevos Suicidas: [[Aéreo (Juarez)|Aéreo]] & '''Émulo''' vs [[Crazy 33]] & [[Rocky Star]]}}
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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Émulo (Emulous)
Émulo (Emulous)
Name Émulo (Emulous)
Real name
Name history Ángel Negro (debut - 2013), Émulo (2013 -)
Family Perro Palacios (father)
Maestro(s) Perro Palacios
Birth date, location November 17, 19?? - Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves

Ciudad Juarez luchador who regularly appears in Arena Kalaka shows. At finals 2013 changed his Ángel Negro gimmick to renamed himself as Émulo. As Émulo, he began to use masks based in others wrestlers, arguing that Émulo means "copy or imitate someone or something". Wrestlers imitated include Octagón, Pagano, and Takeda.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
13/03/10 Mask (1) Ángel Negro Mortuario Arena Kalaka - Juárez, Chihuahua
14/06/01 Hair (2) Émulo Crazy 33 Gimnasio Josué Neri Santos - Juárez, Chihuahua
(1) Five Way Match w/Aéreo, Pantera Asesina, and Trimegistro; (2) Relevos Suicidas: Aéreo & Émulo vs Crazy 33 & Rocky Star


after win the Mortuario's mask in 2013