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Yes, the edit pages "If you don't want your writing to be edited, then don't submit it here." Please also note the Rules page says "Admins have final decision on everything." This certainly includes deciding what kind of stuff is on this site. We're not going to just let everyone post whatever they want, that'd be dumb.

There are many, many sites to find information about United States and Japanese wrestlers - places like Online World Of Wrestling or wikipedia or promotion websites - anything we'd do here would probably just be lesser copies of what's being done plenty already. There's no reason to do it again here, it'd be a waste of everyone and it's not something we're interested in.

Luchawiki exists because there's not the same resources for Mexican wrestling - the promotions don't do it, the magazines don't do it in a way where's freely and easily accessible and no other site has done it. Luchawiki fills a gap for lucha libre, but there's no gap for Mexican wrestling

If you want to make a case something should be included, make it so it's clearly much better than the worst bios on here. If it's just a tiny bit better than Violento Jack or Poncho de Nigris, you're telling mean your idea is very dubious because I'm fully aware those bios aren't good and there's no guarantee they're sticking around.

That's the other problem - even if opening it beyond lucha made sense, it'd quickly lead to the end of the website. There would be a hundred times as many Pancho de Nigris celebrity wrestler arguments and a thousand more Violento Jack non-wrestlers doing stunt shows arguments. It'd cripple the site for little added benefit.

I'd much more rather see more written about the people who are already on the site than find ways to include more people.

--thecubsfan 21:03, 15 October 2007 (EDT)