UWA World Trios Tournament, 1984

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A tournament to decide the first trios champions. The full list of participants and schedule of matches is unknown, but it appears to be a 16 team tournament. The notes on the final mention the tournament lasted two months.

The two finalists were

Los Fantásticos (Black Man, Kato Kung Lee and Kung Fu), having defeated

and Los Cadetes Del Espacio (Súper Astro, Ultramán and Solar)

The final between the two teams took place on March 18, 1984 in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. However, one hour before the show, Super Astro found out his mother had passed away, and left immediately for his home in Tijuana. Gran Hamada replaced him in the match. Los Fantasticos took the last two falls to win the titles.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Los Fantásticos
Black Man, Kato Kung Lee, Kung Fu
 El Triangulo de la Muerte (Kahoz, Zandokan, and Cuchillo) 01/29      Los Fantásticos W  
 Los Brazos
Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, and El Brazo
W    Los Brazos 03/04    
 Abdullah Tamba, El Olímpico, Luis Mariscal 01/29        Los Fantásticos W  
 Dr. Wagner, Perro Aguayo, Fishman W        Team Aguayo 03/11  
 Dos Caras, Enrique Vera, Gran Hamada 01/22      Team Aguayo ?
 ? ?    ? ?      
 ? ?        Los Fantásticos W
 Los Misioneros de la Muerte
Texano, Negro Navarro, El Signo
01/22        Los Cadetes Del Espacio[1] 03/18
 Los Cadetes Del Espacio
Súper Astro, Ultramán, Solar
W      Los Cadetes Del Espacio W  
 Los Exóticos
Rudy Reyna, Sergio el Hermoso, Bello Greco
W    Los Exóticos ??/??  
 Brillante, El Matematico, José Luis Mendieta 02/05        Los Cadetes Del Espacio W
 Los Temerarios
Lobo Rubio, Black Terry, José Luis Feliciano
W        Los Temerarios 03/11  
 El Falcon, El Halcon, Rayo de Jalisco 01/22      Los Temerarios W
 Los Villanos
Villano I, Villano IV, Rokambole
W    Los Villanos 03/04  
 Blue Panther, Negro Casas, Rizado Ruiz 02/05  


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  1. Gran Hamada replaced Super Astro when Super Astro's mother suddenly passed away just before the show.
  2. Villano II actually filled in for Rokambole in the opening match