Tiger Jeet Singh

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Tiger Jeet Singh
Tiger Jeet Singh
Name Tiger Jeet Singh
Real name Jagit Singh Hans
Nicknames none
Name history Hindu Hurricane (debut?), Tiger Jeet Singh (?? - )
Family Tiger Ali Singh (son)
Maestro(s) Fred Atkins
Birth date, location April 3, 1944 - Punjab, India
Obituary date
Debut, location 1965 - Singapore
Lost mask to
Height 6'3"/190 cms
Weight 264 lbs/120 kg
Signature moves Cobra Claw
Titles: United States Heavyweight Title (Toronto), Australia IWA World Tag Team Titles (w/ Mr. Fuji), International Title (Montreal), Canadian Open Tag Team Titles (w/ Dennis Stamp), NWF World Title (New Japan), NWF Asian Title, NWF North American Tag Team Titles (w/ Umanosuke Ueda), NWF North American Title, UWA World Heavyweight Title (2), Big Bear Asian Title (Ontario), NWA International Tag Team Titles (w/ Umanosuke Ueda), FMW/WWA World Martial Arts Title