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The Dark Family which is also called The Black Family is an AAA stable. The main trios is Scoria, Cuervo and Ozz. Charly Manson, Espiritu and Chessman have been associated with the group at times.

The Black Family has often operated as a subgroup in larger stables; they've been part of LLL, and then were members of La Secta. and most recently Legión Extranjera

In the summer of 2008, it looked like there was rift growing in between La Secta leader El Mesias and Ozz. This would come to a head when El Mesias was booted from La Secta in September 2008 for losing to long-time rival Vampiro in a cage match. Since that point Ozz took control of the rest of the Dark Family to remake that stable from the rubble that was La Secta.

Former member Chessman and Charly Manson have been teased as rejoining their old group. Chessman turned on the Dark Family in favor of aligning with Psycho Circus, so that's out.

Current Members:

Former Members: