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Nicholls challenged Rocky Romero for the CMLL Super Lightweight title in NWA Pro, so I figured it was worthwhile to write a stub profile, thereby avoiding having a red link on the title page. Certainly, the Inoki Dojo shows were lucha-oriented and thereby fit under the luchawiki umbrella (albeit somewhat tenuously), but I just wanted to explain the why in order to avoid any "Who the heck is Mikey Nicholls?" questions.--DanZero 20:28, 7 September 2006 (CDT)

I know I'm gonna come off as an asshole as usual when I bring stuff like this up but it has to be mentioned or the LuchaWiki loses it's original purpose. The one rule that superseeds(?) ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN IMAGINE as relates to people qualifying for the Wiki = they must have wrestled in Mexico on at least one occasion. The ONLY exception I can think of to this rule are CMLL Japan wrestlers like Yakushiji and Shiratori who I don't believe ever worked Mexico but the fact CMLL Japan is an off-shoot of CMLL allows them to qualify. There aren't any other exceptions for anyone b/c it opens up too many loopholes for guys to get in the LuchaWiki that just don't belong. It also confuses people who just find the website and want to add guys. For example I'm sure someone saw Quack, Hero and Claudio's bios up, then decided to add Equinox which I deleted and if I hadn't, cubs would have. Equinox is a U.S. indy wrestler in a fed that uses the Lucha Libre style. That doesn't qualify him for the Wiki. In this case, Nicholls qualifies even less b/c all he did was challenge a guy who hasn't worked for CMLL in more than a year and just happens to hold a belt they have forgotten about. If we made an exception for him, we'd have to make an exception for everyone. Take the UWA Middleweight Title for example... it used to be a Mexico belt and now is only used by K-Dojo guys. Should we start making bios for them? No. The title is out of Mexico and will never return b/c the UWA is dead. Right now, sadly, the CMLL SLW Title is dead in Mexico b/c Romero is inactive and doesn't look to be returning any time soon. Who's to say he won't work a small show in Bumfuck, Louisana against Kid Insane for the XICW or whatnot and defends his belt. Does Kid Insane make the Wiki? Obviously not.

With all that said... this fact remains: Nicholls has never worked in Mexico so he doesn't get in. Sorry to sound like an asshole, but that's just the way the Wiki is setup. I'm gonna leave the bio up for deletion by cubs though b/c I already feel like enough of an asshole.--Robert 01:37, 8 September 2006 (CDT)

So, this is my fault for putting a link on the title page? I SEE. (I get your point. If Nicholls works Tijuana or gets a Koslov deal, we'll undelete the profile.) --thecubsfan 11:56, 11 September 2006 (CDT)