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Started to write about the history past the original show, but I wanted to think it out more. Maybe you have an idea?

If we brought it down into sections, maybe it goes like?

  1. first boom to triplemania I (first year)
  2. triplemania I to When World's Collide?
  3. promo azteca split, new characters (1996 - ?)
  4. (here's where things are fuzzy and probably should include lots about LLL and Vipers and four way pretty boy feuds)
  5. Konnan returns, La Secta Cibernetica starts another high period
  6. Antonio Pena's death
  7. current day

(This is still much easier than doing the same article for CMLL.) --thecubsfan 14:01, 10 March 2011 (PST)