Takeda (Mexico City)

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Name Takeda
Real name
Name history Brontes, Takeda
Maestro(s) Abundio Radilla, Centauro, Lobo Rubio, Saeta Azteca, Babe Sharon, El Maya
Birth date, location listed as January 23, 1962 - Mexico City (billed from Acapulco)
Obituary date
Debut, location February, 1983
Lost mask to
Height 173 cm/5'8"
Weight 95 kg/209 lbs
Signature moves



With a sports background in Martial Arts such as Karate and Judo, he tried Lucha Libre with incredulity at first. Then, he was challenged by others and decided to practice it to the point he loved it, he enjoyed training for three to four hours from Monday to Saturday at Arena Coliseo Acapulco. His first trainers were Abundio Radilla and Centauro. Trained from 1978 until 1982. In at least one interview said to have been trained in Japan. [1]

Professional Career

Had no intentions of wrestling professionally only practiced as a sport and for self defense. However, his debut was sudden, on February, 1983, he went to Cancun see one of his friends who was also his training partner and lived there. He was still undecided to wrestle professionally. That friend invited him to a lucha libre event. A wrestler did not show up and was asked to take that place. The young wrestler did not have a ring name yet. He was so nervous that he could not even hear the name he used on his debut. Despite of the nerves, he liked the experience so much that made him decide to become a professional wrestler.

After the debut, his friends helped him design a gear and an appropriate ring name. He decided to continue under the name of Brontes. By 1984, he moved to Acapulco where he continued his wrestling career. For this reason, several sources bill him from Acapulco. Had also presentations in Quintana Roo and Mexico City. Wreslted in most of states of Mexico. Was part of the then EMLL and the Promocionea Mora-Flores (UWA). His most notable feuds were against Lobo Rubio, Saeta Azteca, and León Chino, he learned a lot from them.

Becoming Takeda

Brontes met Babe Sharon who came from Ciudad Juárez with a young trainee who was using a martial artist gimmick. Brontes assisted Sharon's disciple, because of his background and experience in Karate. They became very good friends.

Babe Sharon was a masks and gears maker. One day, Brontes jokingly asked Sharon if he has a ring name for him and a design of the same kind of oriental martial artist gimmick. Sometime later, Sharon told Brontes had a surprise for him. Brontes went to see him and Sharon showed and gave him the gear of Takeda. The one condition that Sharon gave Brontes was to pay it forward. With Sharon's blessing, Brontes continued his career as Takeda.

Takeda and Takeda (formerly known as El Ninja) had a fraternal relationship. They consider themselves as brothers. There is a mutal respect and they continued their careers under the same name, but following different paths[2]. For years, many people believed they were the same person.


Takeda came to Mexico City to join the UWA in 1990, returning in 1992 and 1994 thru the last days of UWA. When Flores's nephew passed away, many of fellow wrestlers migrated to AAA or CMLL. After the disappearance of UWA, he decided to retire, because he did not like the ways of AAA. He was invited to other emerging promotions, but he did not feel the same emotion which he had before.


Takeda wrestled in Japanese promotions such as Universal Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and NOAH. On November 17, 1990, made his debut at Universal Pro Wrestling in which Kung Fu & Takeda defeated Bello Greco & Sergio El Hermoso at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.[3]

Retirement and 2019 Return

Takeda retired after 20 years of in ring career to focus on his studies. Also trained aspiring wrestlers. On March 14, 2019, Takeda reappeared in the event Lucha Libre Estrella Fiesta presented by Stardom and Tokyo Gurentai at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.