Princesa Hernández

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Princesa Hernández
Princesa Hernández
Name Princesa Hernández
Real name
Name history Princess Dark (debut), Princesa Hernández (after debut)
Family Caudillo I (grandfather), Príncipe Negro (father), Hormiga Atómica, Caudillo Jr. (uncles), Príncipe Negro Jr., Rey Negro, Thunder Boy, Impacto (brothers), Deja Vu, Prinxipe (nephews)
Maestro(s) Impacto, Príncipe Negro
Birth date, location Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location July 16, 2017 - Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali, Baja California
Lost mask to
Height 145 cm
Weight 55 kg
Signature moves


She is the first female wrestler and técnica from La Dinastía Hernandez. She began practicing Lucha Libre as a sport. Her brother Impacto saw the potential in her to become a professional. He was her first trainer and the first person who supported her from the very beginning. Then she continued her training with her father, Príncipe Negro. She had an intense training for a year and eight months seven days a week. Her debut turned into a mixed tag team match with Galaxy against Matrix (Baja California) & Navitt. For her being a professional wrestler is a dream that came true. On March 11, 2018 she won the Arena Coliseo Cup 2018 against Lady Lee in the event Guerra de Empresas.


Promociones Pendragon Rojo

  • Rookie of the Year 2017

Arena Coliseo Cup 2018

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
04/08/17 Palenque del Fex -Mexicali Chik Tormenta & Princesa Hernández defeated Baronessa & Miss Tiger


Arena Coliseo Cup 2018
red gear
Baja California Women's Championship match
FB IMG 1514965953712.jpg
FB IMG 1510677154744.jpg
FB IMG 1508997511136.jpg

FB IMG 1508477620496.jpg
Received 1753776114696236.jpeg
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with Platino
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Championship match
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20170716 210347.jpg
card announcing her debut
original match