Mexican National Women's Tag Team Tournament, 2020

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CMLL brought back the Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship in March of 2020. The promotion subsequently announced they would also reactivate the Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship the same month as a gesture of equality. The championship was established in the 90s and defended in AAA and independents. This would be the first time it appeared in CMLL.

Original Plans

The tournament was originally scheduled to take place on Sundays in March at Arena Mexico, over the course of three weeks. CMLL announced ten teams, an unusual amount for one of their tournaments. The winner of the usual seeding battle royal would earn a spot in the block final, while the other four teams would have to win two matches to also get there.

The tournament was scheduled to start March 15th. Instead, that show became the first Arena Mexico show canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Later in March, CMLL revealed the yet to be announced March 22nd bracket and stated the tournament would be retried once the pandemic ended.

March 15 bracket

March 22 bracket

This show was never officially announced, but the scheduled participants were revealed on an episode of CMLL Informa.


The final would've taken place on March 29th.

October Retry

After resuming shows, CMLL announced this tournament would now place starting on October 2, with a October 16 final. The same structure was announced, though the blocks were changed due to COVID-19 positive tests.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Amapola & La Metalica W  
 La Magnifica & Silueta      Amapola & La Metalica W  
 Marcela & Skadi W    Marcela & Skadi     October 2
 La Comandante & La Seductora        Amapola & La Metalica W  
         Reyna Isis & Tiffany  
       Reyna Isis & Tiffany W
     (battle royal victory)      
         Amapola & La Metalica
 La Guerrera & La Vaquerita        La Jarochita & Lluvia W
 Princesa Sugehit & Sanely W      Princesa Sugehit & Sanely W  
 Dalys & Stephanie Vaquer W    Dalys & Stephanie Vaquer   October 9
 Estrellita & Mystique        Princesa Sugehit & Sanely
         La Jarochita & Lluvia W  
       La Jarochita & Lluvia W
     (battle royal victory)