Mexican National Women's Championship

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Current Champion

Princesa Blanca, 16th known champ

Princesa Blanca is the current champion, having beat Marcela to win the title on January 30th, 2009 in Arena Mexico.

History of Championship

Due to Mexican City's ban of women's wrestling starting in the 50s, title reigns during it's early history are questionable. Records are sporadic at best and it's quite likely there were phantom title changes and reigns. Those credited with a championship during this period include Irma Gonzalez, Jarrocita Rivera, Rossy Moreno, La Diabolica (original), and Isabel Romero. Mexico City began allowing women's matches again in 1986. Reyna Gallegos' title win in 1987 should be considered the modern starting point for this belt, and reigns after are confirmed.

Lola Gonzalez has been credited in some sources as holding the championship in 1988 and defending it against La Marquesa on May 15, in Arena Naucalpan.

Lady Apache held the championship nearly exclusively thru 2002 on, apart for a short run from Tiffany. Apache continued to be champion despite switching between AAA and CMLL (and back, and back) in 2005 and 2006, as the title is still officially controlled by the box y lucha commission. Apache won the CMLL World Women's Championship on Christmas Day, 2006, and held both titles for four months before deciding to give up the lesser national title.

A 14 women cibernetico was held at Arena Mexico on April 27, 2006, with the final two survivors - ruda Princesa Sujei and tecnica Marcela meeting in a title match the next following week.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
championship decided thru unknown means at an unknown date
- Isabel Romero ? 1958.??.?? ?
- Irma Gonzalez Isabel Romero 1959.??.?? ?
championship status unclear
- Isabel Romero [2] ? 1964.??.?? ?
1 Irma Gonzalez 1965.01.13 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
- La Jarochita Rivero Isabel Romero 1966.05.12 Pueblo
- Isabel Romero [3] La Jarochita Rivero 1966.08.11 Tampico
championship status unclear
- Rossy Moreno ? 1980.??.?? ?
championship status unclear
1 Reyna Gallegos La Briosa 1986.03.30 Arena Apatalco
1 Estela Molina 1987.05.03 Arena Puente Negro, Mexico City
2 Rossy Moreno 1987.08.29 Arena Apatlaco
Reyna Gallegos retires in 1988
tournament for vacant championship
2 La Briosa Zuleyma 1988.03.30 Arena Apatalco
3 Zuleyma La Briosa 1988.07.10 Xochimilco
4 La Marquesa Zuleyma 1989.08.08 Arena Apatlaco
5 Zuleyma [2] La Marquesa 1990.03.30 Arena Apatlaco, Mexico City
1 La Venus 1990.04.28 Arena Xochimilco
2 Maria Del Angel 1990.06.10 Arena Xochimilco
Zuleyma wins UWA World Women's Championship, vacates this title on August 1991
tournament for vacant championship
6 Neftali Vicky Carranza 1991.11.07 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
1 Xochitl Hamada 1991.19.07 Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
2 Lola Gonzalez 1992.02.01 Pista Arena Revolucion
3 La Sirenita 1992.07.02 Cuautla
7 La Sirenita Neftali 1992.07.17 Cuautla
1 La Diabolica 1992.08.13 Cuautla
2 La Diabolica 1992.09.29 Arena Coliseo DF
3 La Diabolica 1992.10.09 Arena Lopez Mateos
4 La Diabolica 1992.10.14 Arena Lopez Mateos
championship vacated on 1993.01.01 due to Sirenita's pregnacy
tournament for vacant championship
8 La Diabolica Lady Apache 1993.08.21 Pista Arena Revolucion
La Diabolica wins CMLL World Women's Championship, vacates this title in October 1993
battle royal on 1994.01.11 to determine two participants for decision match for vacant championship
9 La Sirenita [2] Maria del Angel 1994.01.18 Arena Coliseo DF
championship vacated for unknown reasons
tournament for vacant championship
10 Martha Villalobos La Practicante 1996.06.21 Culiacan
11 Tiffany Martha Villalobos 2000.04.20 San Luis Potosi
1 Lola Gonzalez 2000.06.30 Cuautitlan
2 Cynthia Moreno 2000.09.22 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
3 Estrellita 2000.10.19 Arena Toluca
4 Estrellita 2000.10.26 Arena Toluca
5 Princesa Sujei 2000.12.23 Arena Solidaridad De Monterrey
6 Alda Moreno 2001.05.13 Arena Azteca Budokan
7 Estrellita 2001.10.26 Arena Toluca
8 Lady Apache 2001.12.01 Mexicali
12 Lady Apache Tiffany 2002.05.05 Arena Solidaridad De Monterrey
1 Tiffany 2003.02.07 Queretaro
13 Tiffany [2] Lady Apache 2003.03.02 Arena Solidaridad De Monterrey
1 Lady Apache 2004.01.29 Toluca
14 Lady Apache [2] Tiffany 2004.02.01 Zapopan
1 Tiffany 2004.04.02 Gimnasio Flores Magon, Oaxaca
2 Tiffany 2004.07.18 Gimnasio Flores Magon, Oaxaca
3 Dark Angel 2006.06.17 Parque Revolucion, Culiacan
4 La Nazi 2006.12.17 Arena Coliseo DF
championship vacated on 2007.04.15
final two from a contender's cibernetico held the previous week
15 Marcela Princesa Sujei 2007.05.04 Arena Mexico
1 Amapola 2007.07.05 Deportivo Colon, Xalapa, Veracruz
2 Amapola 2007.08.05 Arena Coliseo DF
3 Amapola 2007.11.05 Arena Puebla
4 Amapola 2008.02.09 Gimnasio Municipal de Juarez
5 Hiroka 2008.02.24 Arena Neza
16 Princesa Blanca Marcela 2009.01.30 Arena Mexico
1 Lady Apache 2009.06.23 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2 Lady Apache 2009.10.13 Arena Mexico
3 Marcela 2011.09.06 Arena Mexico
4 Marcela 2011.11.08 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
5 Dalis la Caribeña 2012.02.27 Arena Puebla
6 Lady Apache 2012.03.06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


Gallery of Champions

Irma Gonzalez, early champion
Rossy Moreno, champion at some point in 1980
La Marquesa, 4th Champion
Neftaly, 6th Champion
La Sirenita, 7th & 9th Champion
Tiffany, 11th & 13th Champion

Lady Apache, 12th & 14th Champion
Marcela, 15th Champion


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