Mexican National Trios Contenders Tournament, 2010

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Much like the previous year, one third of the reigning Mexican National Trios Champions was unable to further help defend the title. This year, CMLL resolved the situation differently, but still managed to wedge in a tournament.

The champions, Mascara Dorada, Stuka Jr., and Metro, successfully defended their championship on November 15, 2010 in Arena Puebla. Dorada suffered an ankle injury during the course of the match. Citing both the injury (which would keep him out a month) and, more so, the demands of his other three championships, Mascara Dorada vacated his share of the titles three days later. CMLL broke with the precedent of forcing the entire team to vacate the titles and instead declared a web poll would determine a replacement for Mascara Dorada. Voting was held for over two weeks on

41.52% Delta
39.20% Angel de Oro
19.28% Diamante

CMLL appeared to waver about the winner becoming the champion or just joining Stuka and Metro for a title match. CMLL's website indicated Delta won the championship, but Delta's teams did not appear to be champions at the title match.

Concurrent with the poll, CMLL started running an eight team, three week tournament to find new challengers for the new champions. Guadalajara regulars Palacio Negro & Metal Blanco made their Mexico City debuts in a surprise bid for the finals, but the team of Rush and the two poll losers were the obvious favorites as soon as their team was announced, and won the tournament on the first Sunday show of 2011.

Tournament Bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Rey Cometa, Molotov[1], Fuego      
 Nosferatu, Cancerberos (Euforia & Pólvora) W  
   Nosferatu, Cancerberos (Euforia & Pólvora)    
   Sagrado, Palacio Negro, Metal Blanco W  
 Guerreros Tuareg
(Loco Max, Skandalo, Arkangel de la Muerte
   Sagrado, Palacio Negro, Metal Blanco W  
      Sagrado, Palacio Negro, Metal Blanco  
   Rush, Diamante, Angel de Oro W
(Virus, Raziel, Cancerbero)
 Angel Azteca, Angel de Plata, Guerrero Maya    
(Virus, Raziel, Cancerbero)
   Rush, Diamante, Angel de Oro W  
 Durango Kid, Puma King, Tiger Kid  
   Rush, Diamante, Angel de Oro W    

Rush, Diamante, and Angel de Oro went on to win the trios titles on January 9.

  1. Pegasso was announced in this spot