Mexican National Middleweight Tournament, 1980

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In late 1977, Sangre Chicana won the Mexican National Middleweight Championship, and started a reign which is said to included 38 title defenses. After his final defense, in March of 1979, the Mexico City Box Y Lucha commission forced him to vacate the championship, as they did not actually recognize him as champion. (The reasons for not recognizing him are unclear.)

The commission immediately began a tournament to determine a new champion. The tournament included wrestlers from many promotions, including EMLL, LLI and Super Libres, as well as the former champion.

Full tournament brackets have not been found, only the final two rounds. The tournament is said to have lasted two months, and an early round match may have been Cachorro Mendoza over Villano I.

Semifinals, June 1st, Arena Coliseo DF

Finals, June 8th, Arena Mexico