Mexican National Middleweight Tournament, 1977

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Perro Aguayo relinquished the Mexican National Middleweight Championship after winning the NWA World Middleweight Championship in March 1977.

A tournament to determine a new champion began on March 25th. All matches took place in Arena Mexico

  March 25 April 8 April 15
   Demonio Blanco W    
 As Charro  
   Demonio Blanco  
   Jose Luis Mendieta W  
 Jose Luis Mendieta W
      Jose Luis Mendieta W
   Rubí Ruvalcaba
   Rubí Ruvalcaba W  
 Tony Salazar  
   Rubí Ruvalcaba W
   El Faraón  
 El Faraón W
   Ringo Mendoza