Mexican National Heavyweight Tournament, 1962

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Complete information is unknown about the 1962 tournament for the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship. The championship was vacant following the death of Medico Asesino. Asesino was the star of the then defunct Televicentro promotion, and thus existed outside EMLL. The tournament included luchadors who wrestled in Arena Mexico, but it appears to be an independently promoted tournament.

The tournament took place Plaza de Toros el Cortijo in Mexico City over a course of a few weeks. A battle royal to determine matches for the tournament was announced for April 1, with Henry Pilusso, Galento Mexicano, Pepe Mendieta, Moloch, Chale Romero, and El Bulldog announced. It's likely there was another battle royal, since some semifinalist Raul Reyes was not included.

A May 6th, 1962 Pepe Mendieta win over Raul Reyes is said to be a tournament semifinal.

Mendieta was hyped as the favorite going into the tournament before winning the championship.