Mexican National Featherweight Championship

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Current Champion

History of Championship

This championship was created in the early of days of lucha libre, but it was only truly active in the early 1990s. The championship is defunct.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
10 man tournament to determine initial champion
1 Luis Robles Salvador Flores 1938.02.25 ?
Luis Robles passes away in 1941; championship vacant for following 40 years
decision match for vacant championship
tournament for vacant championship
2 Voltio Negro[1] Climax II 1980.09.09 Arena Coliseo DF
3 Rocky Norton Voltio Negro 1981.08.15 Arena Coliseo DF
4 El Modulo Rocky Norton 1982.01.30 Arena Azteca
1[2] Negro Peralta 1982.05.02 Arena Azteca, Tulyehualco, Distrito Federal
some sources do not acknowledge next reign
5 El Dandy El Modulo 1982.07.31 Mexico City
6 Pequeno Solin El Dandy 1983.01.22 Querétaro
Pequeno Solin vacates championship on 1983.04.30 after winning UWA World Featherweight Championship
tournament for vacant championship
7 Negro Peralta Lasser 1983.06.26 Mexico City
8 Planetario Negro Peralta 1983.11.23 Arena Apatlaco
9 Black Shadow Jr. [2] Planetario 1985.02.24 Arena Azteca
10 Rencor Latino Black Shadow Jr. 1986.02.27 Arena Apatlaco
title history unclear
11 El Potro ? 1987? ?
1[3] Espuelas de Oro II 1986.12.05 Arena Puente Negro, Ecatepec
2[4] Espuelas de Oro II 1987.01.24 Arena Xochimilico
championship vacant in 1988?
tournament for vacant championship
11 El Coralillo Juicio 1988.06.04 Arena Apatlaco
12 Juicio El Coralillo 1989.03.09 Arena Apatlaco
1[5] Juicio 1989.03.11 Arena San Lorenzo
2 Flama Dorada 1988.07.10 Arena Azteca
3 Flama Dorada 1988.07.31 Arena Altavilla
13 Hiena Roja Juicio 1990.05.12 Arena Azteca
14 Rayo de Oro Hiena Roja 1991.01.29 Arena Azteca
1 Viento Negro 1992.03.15 Arena Altavilla
championship vacated in 1992
championship defunct
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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Gallery of Champions

Voltio Negro, 2nd Champion
Planetario, 8th Champion
Black Shadow Jr., 6th & 9th Champion
11th Champion


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