Mexican National Atomicos Titles Tournament, 1998

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tournament, as pictured on AAA TV

The champions at the time were: Pierroth (Jr.), Villano III, Villano IV & Villano V. Los Villanos left AAA for Promo Azteca in the fall of 1996 while Pierroth Jr. followed in June of 1997. At the time, AAA had a large amount of stables and thus a tournament was formed to crown new champions. The 8 teams entered were as follows:

Nuevo Cadetes----
08.03 @ Leon     |Vipers------------
Vipers-----------                   |
                  08.13 @ Humantla  |Vipers--------
Junior Atomicos--                   |              |
08.03 @ Leon     |Insectos----------               |
Insectos---------                                  |
                                        08.23 @    |Vipers
Orientales-------                    Azcapotzalco  |
08.06 @ Mex City |Vatos Locos-------               |
Vatos Locos------                   |              |
                  08.16 @ Manzanillo|Payasos------- 
Team Octagon-----                   |
08.06 @ Mex City |Payasos-----------

The finals actually ended in a draw after each team won two falls and there was a double pin in the third fall. However, the commisioner at ringside ordered a fourth fall where Los Vipers emerged as the winners.