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| align="center" rowspan=2|Team NOAH (USA)
| align="center" rowspan=2|Team NOAH (USA)
| align="center"|[[Cody Hall]]
| align="center"|[[Cody Hall]]
| align="center"|Third participation
| align="center"|First participation
| align="center"|[[Quiet Storm]]
| align="center"|[[Quiet Storm]]
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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
{{Gallery|name=TeamAAA-LLWC-2017.jpg|caption='''Team AAA''', [[Lucha World Cup, 2017|2017]] winners}}
<Br clear=all>
<Br clear=all>

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| align="center"|'''''Place is TBA'''''
| align="center"|'''''Place is TBA'''''

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Official poster for the event.

The Lucha World Cup 2017, is a professional wrestling trios tournament produced by Lucha Libre AAA World Wide (AAA). It was the third annual edition of the tournament. All matches will take place outside of Mexico for the first time. It will also be a 2v2 tag team tournament, instead of the usual trios format.

All matches will take place on October 10th, at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall. There is now women's division tournament was implemented this year; AAA explained they were unable to get enough participants.

The match format was slightly changed. The original match is ten minute round. Should there not be a winner in that time, there will be a three minute singles match with a selected person from each team. If there is still not a decision, the other two wrestlers will fight. If there still is not a winner after both singles matches, five judges will select the winner.

Participant Promotions

Promotion Country
Lucha Libre AAA World Wide Mexico
Pro Wrestling NOAH Japan
Inoki Genome Federation Japan
Impact Wrestling United States
Lucha Underground United States

IGF had stopped promoting events six months prior to the tournament.

Confirmed Teams

All teams were announced at a press conference.

Team Members Notes
Team AAA (Mexico) Pagano First participation
Psycho Clown Third participation
Team NOAH (Japan) Taiji Ishimori Third participation
Hi69 First participation
Team NOAH (USA) Cody Hall First participation
Quiet Storm First participation
Team IGF (Japan) Nosawa First participation
Kendo Kashin First participation
Team Impact (USA) DJZ First participation
Andrew Everett First participation
Team Lucha Underground (USA) Marty Martinez First participation
Son of Havoc First participation
Team Lucha Underground (Mexico) Aerostar First participation
Drago First participation
Team Lucha Underground (Rest of the World) Mil Muertes Second participation[1]
Vampiro First participation


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Team AAA/Mexico W    
 Team NOAH/USA  
   Team AAA/Mexico W  
   Team IGF/Japan  
   Team IGF/Japan DQ  
      Team AAA/Mexico W
   Team NOAH/Japan
   Team NOAH/Japan W  
 Team LU/USA  
   Team NOAH/Japan
   Team Impact/USA W  
 Team Impact/USA W
   Team LU/Mexico    

Judging Panel

A judging panel was composed by Dorian Roldan, Gran Hamada, Tatsumi Fujinami, Tsutomu Shimizu and Scott D'Amore. The panel would decide any match which went thru two overtimes. No match reached that limit. The judging panel also decided the award winners.


Award Winner(s)
Wrestler Of The Night Taiji Ishimori
Dive Of The Night Son of Havoc
Match Of The Night Team LU/Mexico vs. Team Impact/USA


  1. Billed announced as his second participation, wrestled on 1st edition as El Mesías.


Team AAA, 2017 winners

Lucha World Cup Chronology
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Mexico City, Mexico Place is TBA
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