Los Insectos

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AbejaAfricana.jpg Avispa.jpg Hormiga.jpg Mosca.jpg
Another brilliant idea by Antonio Pena as in 1998 he created Los Insectos (The Insects). Inspired to the pre-existing Marabunta, Ponzona and Enjambre, they made their debut during Noti AAA sketches where they would attack civilians in parks, stuff them into large potato sacks and then drag them away. Naturally they would do the same when they were wrestling and often lost most matches by disqualification for stuffing their opponents into the sacks. Members of Los Insectos were:

Abeja Africana was rumored to be a rookie from Tijuana. In 2014, in a match where various wrestlers would work under their old gimmicks, TJ Boy revealed he was Abeja Africana.

Rumored to be under the other gimmicks were: