Los Ingobernables

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Formed in April 2014 by Rush La Sombra, and La Máscara in April 2014. Became rudos but refused to call themselves so instead referring themselves as "técnicos diferentes". The group is essentially tweeners meaning they embrace both the rudo and tecnico styles and switch depending on if they are facing a rudo or tecnico team in a particular match. They have become very successful and are at the top of CMLL cards and feuds.


  • Rush
  • Pierroth - joined in March 2016.
  • La Mascara Left in mid-2016, begining a feud with Rush and his family. As he reconciled with Rush, went back in September/October 2016

Naito was part of the Ingobernables, added to the group in 2015 before the split, and it's unclear if he's supposed to be part of either side - it's unclear when/if he'll be in CMLL or these guys will be back in NJPW, so it largely doesn't matter. EVIL/Takaaki Watanabe, Bushi and Sanada have joined Naito as members of Los Ingobernables in NJPW. The CMLL group hasn't acknowledged the non-Naito members as part of their own group at any point.

Former Members

  • La Sombra - A founding member and a part of the group until he left CMLL for WWE in November 2015.
  • Marco Corleone - Joined when Rush got injured in Nov. 2014. Was kicked out of the group in Feb. 2016.
  • Rey Escorpion - Joined in mid-2016, as a substitute for La Mascara. Left CMLL in September 2016, to join Lucha Libre Elite.


w/ Marco