Llamarada (Laguna)

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Name Llamarada
Real name
Name history Llamarada (current)
Family Pequeña Quetzal (sister), El Play Boy (uncle), El Hijo de la Tonina Jackson
Maestro(s) Halcón Suriano Jr., Kain, Black Jet, Araña del Futuro, Aspid, Emperador Azteca, Águila Roja Jr.
Birth date, location March 4, 2002 - Torreón, Coahuila
Obituary date
Debut, location October 26, 2013
Lost mask to
Height 162 cm
Weight 60 kg
Signature moves
Titles: Comarca Lagunera Women's Tag Team Championship (w/Pequeña Quetzal); LLF Tag Team Championship (w/Pequeña Quetzal)


Laguna based ruda since 2013. Trained for six years in order to become profesional. Known for her mat skills and her strong style. She had wrestled in Ciudad Juarez frecuently.

The history behind her ringname is the following: when she began with her training she wanted to be the tag team partner of her father who nwas training as well. Her father is a firefighter wanted a name related with his job and she wanted a name that complemented his name and his job. He wanted the name of Bombero Infernal and she chose the name of Llamarada (flare). Her father could not make his debut and she continued.

Wreslted in the following Arenas: Arena Olimpico Laguna, Deportivo Torreon, Plaza de Toros Torreon, Palacio de los Deportes, Arena Azteca, Alameda Zaragoza, Arena Lobo, Arena Lerdo, Arena Coliseo Corona, Arena la Rosita, Arena Gran Markus, Arena Cumbres, Arena Papamilo, Arena Kalaka, Arena Internacional, Palacio de los Combates, Plaza de Toros Alejandra, and Gym el Ranchero

She is currently wrestling at AMLL ( Alianza Metropolitana de Lucha Libre)