IWRG Intercontinental Trios Championship Tournament, 2005

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After the titles were largely inactive for over a year and a half, IWRG decided they needed to crown new champions in May 2005. Former champions Mega, Ultra Mega & Omega were out of the picture as Mega had been re-gimmicked and Omega had left the promotion after being unmasked.

8 teams were entered into the tournament for the vacant tiles:

On May 5th at Arena Naucalpan, a battle royale was held where the order of elimination would determine first-round matchups. Felino won after eliminating Enfermero Jr.

NOTE: All matches took place at Arena Naucalpan.

  05.08          |Strippers---------
Payasos Tricolor-                   |
                    05.22           |Corporacion---
Corporacion------                   |              |
  05.12          |Coporacion--------               |
Oficiales--------                                  |
                                       06.02       |Corporacion
Revolucionarios--                                  |
  05.15          |Revolucionarios---               |
Doctores Del Mal-                   |              |
                    05.25           |Villanos------ 
Cadetes----------                   |
  05.19          |Villanos----------