Histeria (disambiguation)

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Histeria is a character created by Antonio Pena for his AAA promotion. Even after Pena's passing, AAA has considered the gimmick one of AAA's trademark creations, and has continued the character with a few different wrestlers.

The wrestlers to use the name Histeria, in order of their usage:

  • Super Crazy (1996.10.18 - 1997.08.08) - the first Histeria for nearly a year. Did not achieve his international fame until after he jumped to Promo Azteca in 1997, where he started using the Super Crazy name.
  • Histeria II (1997.09.30 - 2009.04.01 in AAA, current on indies) - a bit character under characters like Quarterback, this is the wrestler usually thought of when the name Histeria is mentioned. Never actually referred to as Histeria II. Left AAA in 2009, but continues to use the identity with minor spelling variations to get around copyright issues.
  • Kaoma Jr. (?) - while not often counted with the others, AAA put him in a Histeria outfit for a short period of time. This idea went nowhere.
  • Histeria III (2009 - 2010) - young indy luchador, part of AAA's 'Vipers 2.0' relaunch. AAA gave up on the idea within months, though his name still pops up on spot shows. Only Viper of his era who has not officially left AAA. His pre-AAA profile was very low, may have quietly left.