Escuadron De La Muerte

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The original group was created in the IWRG as a spin-off from Los Oficiales. The members were:

In 2007, a new version which once again was a spin-off from Los Oficiales was created. The members were:

La Escuadron De La Muerte came to be after Maniac Cop left Los Oficiales and found partners of his own. The two teams ended up feuding for a short time but afterwards there was really no sense in having six guys doing cop gimmicks so slowly but surely La Escuadron disapeared. First to go was Vader Cop, followed by Maniac Cop who left the promotion and finally Cyborg Cop just re-joined Los Oficiales. In the summer of 2007, however, the older line-up of Los Oficiales formed by Cyborg, Xibalba and Oficial was defeated a new Oficiales' team formed by 911, AK-47 and Fierro. So, Cyborg revamped the Escuadron de la Muerte name with two other former Los Oficiales in Xibalaba and Caiptan Muerte (the former Bombero Infernal.) The group feuded with the new Oficiales until Escuadron slowly faded away from IWRG.