CMLL World Welterweight Tournament, 1996

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In May of 1996, a 16 man tournament was held to determine a new CMLL World Welterweight Championship. Pantera was the former recognized champion. He was planning on jumping to AAA, but had a tour of Japan first. During that tour, he lost the championship to Super Delfin. CMLL, knowing Pantera was leaving the promotion, did not recongize the title change and declared the championship vacant.

The tournament was held in typical 16 man, 3 week style: 2 weeks of 8 man block tournaments (on 05/07 and 05/14), with the block winners facing the final week (on 05/21). All matches were held at Arena Coliseo DF.

Rey Bucanero--------
                    |Rey Bucanero--------
Fantastik-----------                     |
                                         |Black Panther-------
Black Panther-------                     |                    |
                    |Black Panther-------                     |
Olimpico------------                                          |
                                          1996.05.07          |Mascara Magica------
Astro Rey Jr.-------                                          |                    |
                    |Astro Rey Jr.-------                     |                    |
Atlantico-----------                     |                    |                    |
                                         |Mascara Magica------                     |
Mascara Magica------                     |                                         |
                    |Mascara Magica------                                          |
Guerrero Maya-------                                                               |
                                                               1996.05.21          |Mascara Magica
Karloff Lagarde Jr.-                                                               |
                    |Karloff Lagarde Jr.-                                          |
Ultimatum-----------                     |                                         |
                                         |Ciclon Ramirez------                     |
Ciclon Ramirez------                     |                    |                    |
                    |Ciclon Ramirez------                     |                    |
Yone Genjin---------                                          |                    |
                                          1996.05.14          |Felino--------------
Felino--------------                                          |
                    |Felino--------------                     |
Alacrán De Durango--                     |                    |
Angel Azteca--------                     |
                    |Angel Azteca--------

The final is one of the rare matches in Lucha Libre history to go four falls as the third fall ended in a double countout and the commisioner ordered the match to continue with an extra fall.