Baja California Extreme Championship

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The Baja California Extreme Championship is a state wrestling title defended in within Baja California. It is currently in Mexicali.

Current Champion

Voltron is the first and current champion.

History of the Championship

This Championship was presented on January 1, 2016 at Arena Nacionalista during their tradicional New Year's Event. The inaugural match to define the first champion was a 6 man elimination match. In which participated:

Voltron became the first Baja California Extreme Champion.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
6 Man Elimination Match
1 Voltron Black Danger, X-Torm, Luminoso, Maverick, Mirage 2016.01.01 Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali, Baja California
1 (draw) Rey Cobra 2017.03.12 Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali, Baja California
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Gallery of Champions