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''Not the Guadalajara based [[Asesino Negro]]''
#REDIRECT [[Gran Coloso]]
|name=Asesino Negro
|realName=José Luis Gazca Razo
|nameHistory=Asesino Negro, El Rémington, Gran Coloso
|birthdate=?- [[Madero]]
|debut=[[December 13]], [[1971]]
== Luchas de apuestas record  ==
{{aline|[[1976]]/[[02/15]]|mask (1)|[[Aníbal]]|El Remington|[[Plaza de Toros Monumental]] - [[Monterrey]], N.L.}}
{{aline|84/12/07|mask|[[Máscara Año 2000]]|Gran Coloso|Arena México - Mexico City}}
{{aend|<b>(1)</b> Triangle match with [[Mazambula]]}}
== Gallery ==
[[Category:Mexican wrestlers]]

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